We are creating new frontiers for the expanding digital economy. Our unique technology forms microtransactions to fashion new opportunities to buy, sell, trade, and drive action online.

Strawpay is developing Stroem, a highly scalable open transaction protocol. It can use advanced features of the bitcoin blockchain or be layered on top of existing currencies. Low cost, privacy, fraud resistance, and proof of purchase, are just some of the features we are offering the market. We are convinced we can give consumers the full valued experience they demand.

Read our white paper about how the Stroem protocol is used with bitcoin. The paper explains how and why this enables consumers and merchants to engage in efficient microtransactions. Here is a shorter 2 page introduction. Stroem was presented at Scalingbitcoin in Montreal. See the presentation and slides.

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  • Martin Zachrison
  • CEO
  • martin@strawpay.com
  • +46768044747
  • Jarl Fransson
  • CTO
  • jarl@strawpay.com
  • +46707770347

Our partner STING helps talented people to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. We are also an SUP46 alumni.

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